WFMAE Art program offers various age groups from Children’s art to Teen’s art and Advance Painting.

WFMAE Art Instructions are provided by teachers that are graduated from highly appraised Art Center of Design College.

WFMAE employ an inspirational method in art education. Through the program, students not only improve their drawing, painting and design abilities, aesthetic temperament and creativity, but also in their intellectual performance in other subjects learning.

Einstein once said: “Creativity is more important than knowledge”
Art stimulates children’s imagination, spawns their creativity, flourish aesthetic sense. Art also contributes the intellectual and emotional life of children. Why Wait?

16-week Group Art Program - $320

 Kids Art  2hr/week  Fri, Sat
 Graphic Art  2hr/week  Fri, Sat
 Painting Art  2hr/week  Fri, Sat

Specific time of the schedule will be notify upon confirming the lesson

painting cats