Did you know the reason why the ancient seven liberal arts sought to include the quadrivium (geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, music) an important subject?
    Did you know that strong music and art education play an important role in child’s literacy preparation and affect the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, creativity, physically and spiritually?
    Did you know that strong reference in music or art achievement often give the child with higher acceptant rate in entering prestige colleges?





      All the reasons above will provide you the better idea why music and art education are still being important in serving children’s academic learning.

      We help students successfully pass and skip the State of California and Royal (ABRSM) annual piano/violin/flute/clarinet skill certification. We prepare students successfully enter and win the music competition.

      Recent events
      Congratulation to Brian received 4th Place in 2013 United States Open Music Competition.


      Congratulation to Riane skipped Level 2 in 2012 Royal Music Exam (ABRSM) Certification

      Riane ABSRM

      Year 2012
      Brian Z. 2 levels skips
      Crystal Z. 3 levels skips; acceptance to U.C. Berkeley
      Mina H. recent art competition winner.